Orasi Parade Muharram 1434 -English-

Memperingati tahun baru hijriyah 1434 H

Tema khilafah dan umat terbaik


teks bahasa inggris


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


dear my sister

do you know what is the condition of muslims today?



the winner of corruption!


they are muslims!

do you believe it? you have to. because these problems always reported in tv, radio, internet, etc.

oh what a pity we are. oh, how pity islam is.

but actually Allah give us position as the best ummah.

am I kidding you guys? of course no!

just look at qur’an, ali imran 110

and history prove it.

islam have applied as the rule of live in a big state, namely islamic state, daulah khilafah.

khilafah saved islam and muslim during thirteen century in this world.

khilafah made a gold culture. there are many discovery invented. there are many scientist such as avicenna, al-kindy, al khawarizm, and so on.

public needs such as health, education, safety, peacefullness, prosperity, is easy to get, cheap and free!

but, look at yourself now!

do you get it all easily?

everythings expensive nowadays. everything has tax in it.

a lot of children can not enjoy education.

many sick people get no medicine from the goverment. many of them die because can not pay doctor in hospital.

how can it be?

where is muslim as the best ummah?

where is it?


no. big giant still sleeping!

we have to wake it up!

with reestablish khilafah to apply all of islam law.

that is only solution for any problems.

that is the only way to bring back the best ummah to us.

khilafah is a hope.

khilafah is an obligation.

khilafah is a promise.

bring it back!


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